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In October 2015, Association for Retail Environments (A.R.E.) merged with Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI). The combined new association is the world’s largest non-profit association consisting of approximately 2,000+ member companies on six continents.

This merged association that was referred to as ARE|POPAI for over a year has been recently renamed to "SHOP!"

It continues to be a non-profit trade association dedicated to enhancing retail environments and experiences. Shop! aims to provide value to the global retail marketplace through our leadership in:

Research (consumer behaviour, trends, futures)
  • Design (customer experience design, store design, display design, fixture design)
  • Build (manufacturing, construction, materials, methods, logistics, installation)
  • Marketing (in-store communications, in-store marketing, technology, visual merchandising)
  • Evaluation (ROI, analytics, recognition/awards)

The countries where POPAI equity is strong will retain the POPAI name through its refreshed logo. POPAI – part of the SHOP! global network.

POPAI members are legacies, newcomers, and visionaries in the in-store marketing industry. They come from companies such as: advertising agencies, retailers, teaching institutions, research companies, P-O-P producers/manufacturers, brands, and marketers. We also welcome corporates, educational institutions and associates to our industry to partner with us through introducing new membership catogories.