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Let’s achieve retail excellence in India!

POPAI India is proud to endorse Shop! Association’s global MaRC certification program. MaRC is a professional certification that distinguishes individuals who have demonstrated their job knowledge of developing and executing in-store marketing materials and the retail environment.

To achieve the certification, candidates must pass a written exam on the activities that drive shopper purchases at retail, as detailed in the MaRC Exam Prep book. This book, authored by more than 20 retail industry experts, sets an international standard for the "best practices" in researching, designing, building, executing, and evaluating the retail environment and in-store marketing materials.

MaRC certification allows individuals to demonstrate their competency and professionalism, leading to career advancement opportunities, enhanced earning potential, and an edge over non-certified competitors. Employers can use the certification to train and promote the continued professional development of their employees. As practitioners rise to the standard set by MaRC, the public will enjoy better shopping experiences and easier access to product information.

To learn more about MaRC and begin your journey towards certification, please visit the Shop! MaRC webpage at