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Spectrum Scan Pvt Ltd

Spectrum an ISO 9001 - 2008 company is India’s leading POP/POS Manufacturer. With Innovation, Design, Quality being its USP, its in-house team of dedicated and creative staff ensure you get the best solution for your brands.

Spectrum has three world class facilities with a working area of more than 100,000 sqft, with state of the art technologically advanced machinery which provide complete display solutions for major Indian and multi-national clients.

Machines include a wide range of modern Digital Printing machines with the latest latex machines, state of the art Screen Printing machines with online dryers. UV Intradeck offset machines, Router, Laser Engraver and one of the largest set-up of Thermoforming machines in India with capability to form upto 3’ x 8’ size. It also has a full-fledged state of the art dust free paint shop with air circulation systems which helps deliver top quality & dust free paint finishes.

High consumption in plastics and commitment to quality at all phases in production was the primary motivating factor for Spectrum to backward integrate and produce its own plastic sheets for thermoforming and plastic packaging. This also enhances Spectrum ability to match exact brand colors as per client requirements.

Spectrum also manufactures highest quality clear plastic carton boxes and cylinder packs and delivers exceptional customer service with flawless execution. The commitment for delivering quality products to its clients has helped Spectrum Win over 100 International & 135 National Awards for Excellence in Screen, Digital Printing & POP Products.

GV Displays Solutions Pvt Ltd

GV Display Solutions established in 1996 by Mr. Girish Kumar Sharma and we are one of the leading manufacturers in Point of Purchase industry. We hold a good reputation in delivering the quality standards across India with complete in-house manufacturing facilities. One of our specialties has been working with diversified raw material and Customization of customer’s ideas is our major strength. We do our best to make customers thought into feasibility.

We manufacture a wide range of products including the POP/POSM’s and all types of display stands, signages etc. for various industries like FMCG, Tobacco and Liquor, Electronics, Lifestyle etc. We use various items as raw materials in fabrication such as Stainless Steel, Galvanized Iron, Mild Steel, Cold rolled steel, aluminum, wood & pre -Laminated Boards, Acrylic and HIPS Sheet for vacuum forming. We manufactures with Japanese Technology machines dedicated to sheet metal industry and European machines for wooden POP displays.

We focus on quality according to ISO-9001-2008 standards. Before reaching the packaging desk each product passes several rounds of inspection and checks. We use premium quality raw material for manufacturing our products.

The unit has mobilized special strengths, particularly in following areas, on the basis of which it feels proud of its infrastructure.

A self ware house with large storage capacity is also a part of this facility. This unit is always ready with stock of various displays and act as a catalyst. With the help of this warehouse we have been able to meet deadlines well within the stipulated time frames. Also, we have the capacity to cater to immediate bulk orders.

Through well programmed process, we make efforts to add value to the projects at every step. By combining latest Technologies & process, material selections and through perfect execution, we create successful retail activations.

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals with domain expertise in their respective fields. They work with utmost efficacy in two shifts and are always devising newer ways to enhance the productivity and the quality of our products. To keep up with the evolving technology, we conduct periodic trainings. These are highly beneficial in further enhancing the existing skill sets as well as developing new skill sets to match up with the emerging market demands.

Each department works in harmony with the other and they together have contributed heavily to the company's success. We follow a streamlined process of production. All the processes are well defined and are undertaken professionally to yield excellent results.

Vista Retail Pvt. Ltd.

Vista Retail Pvt. Ltd. believes in giving shoppers the best possible in-store brand experience. We have a clientele of renowned Global Brands to provide the best in merchandising solutions. We’ve built our reputation through the development of long-term relationships and by consistently providing our customers with innovative solutions and award winning product displays. With all in house fabrication facility, we provide complete customized merchandising solutions right from Recce – Design- Production – Installation – Maintenance of the fixtures, Pan India. We are POPAI award winner for last 4 years with Gold, Silver and Merits in Cosmetics and Fragrance category. Our facility is equipperd to handle wood, metal, paint, acrylic, etc. finishes with more than 100 material solutions to achieve the brand requirement.

Delivering solutions to meet our clients’ diverse needs over the years means that we have developed expertise and experience in creating a wide range of permanent displays. We pride ourselves in our high quality, well-equipped production facility guaranteeing technological excellence, high quality, as well as speed to market.

Recently we have started an exclusive division for customized cosmetics tester display units. Also we have started entering into the field of Special Signages. Our prototyping expertise and facilities are considerably diversified.  We believe that paying attention to every detail at this stage of the process is time and energy well spent.

Our Specializations : Turnkeys, Retail Fit-outs, Shop in Shop, Mall Kiosks, Travel Retail, POP/POS, Signage, Cosmetics Tester Display, Brand visibility & Maintenance.

Planet Dezign Pvt Ltd

We are the storytellers in retail. And we have been doing so with passion and creativity for the last 15 years. A brainchild of Sukanya Bose and Amit De, Planet Dezign is nurtured and infused with love, fresh ideas and new technology.

Headquarters in Mumbai and Planet Dezign executes projects PAN India, and takes pride in its state of the art workshop with multi-material production capability. We strive to be the most innovative retail partners of our esteemed clients. We are extremely happy to witness the burgeoning demand for new trend of ‘Next-Gen’ displays, that goes a few steps further than just ‘see and pick-up’ displays, to the wondrous options of sensual, auditory and digital formats within the point of purchase space. Planet Dezign is equipped to be a part of this futuristic journey to cater to a plethora of innovative projects, treading beyond the conventional path.

We Strive to be the most innovative retail partner of our esteemed clients.

Minting out Award Winning Designs year after year has instilled in us an aptitude for excellence! Lastly, what to say about the Planetians ? They are the building blocks of Planet Dezign… a team full of Energy and Enthusiasm, Passionate about giving life to path-breaking designs and Crazy about having fun together!


1) In-Store Visibility

We design kiosks and other displays that shine through the clutter in the shop environment, and become the Brand-Magnitude enhancers. Each point of purchase design is customized as per the brand’s specific requirement – greater brand recall, educate and inform the customer about the product or its key features, or to simply drive higher sales; but whatever it be, these Brand Narrators from Planet Dezign successfully connect the shoppers with the brands at the last mile.

2) Retail Space Design

From signage to facade, branding & visual merchandising to store interiors, we design and/or execute turnkey store projects PAN India. Giving shape to engaging and immersive environments in retail is what our team strives for. Using innovative designs and state of the art technology we come out with the best possible output on the shop floor.

3) Zing Pillars

Amazing is a series of new age Instant Displays to facilitate Marketing at Retail.

Zing Pillar is an evolved concept derived from the years of feedback collected from many of our clients. Higher costs of production, time crunch before every impending launch, skyrocketing transport cost of the displays, difficulties in installation, and breakages in transit…. are just some of the issues addressed by the Amazing series.