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Guidelines and Regulations


Welcome to POPAI 2017 OMA Guide. This guide contains all the information necessary in order to enter your work into the 2017 OMA Awards. This year, the OMA Committee has refined this document to emphasize many key details that will better help you navigate the process. The colour-coded icons that are described below will help notify you on the type of subject matter that is to follow

This icon signifies a “best practices” recommendation or advice that may better assist you in the process of submitting your entry.

This icon will stress the importance of or emphasize the topic written.

We hope that this will all be helpful to you as you navigate the entry process. If you have any questions or comments concerning anything in this guide, please do not hesitate to contact a POPAI Staff Member

Amit De
+91 93222 93999
Jubilee Cardozo
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The POPAI Outstanding Merchandising Achievement (OMA) Awards are the Marketing at Retail Industry’s largest and longest-running awards contest. It recognizes and honours excellent displays that set the merchandising and design precedents of today to become the standards of tomorrow.

Entries vie for Gold, Silver, and Bronze honours in their respective Categories and Divisions. In addition, all Gold winners are eligible for the “Display of the Year,” which represents the highest recognition the Industry can bestow upon an at-retail display.


The OMA Contest is open to all producers and suppliers of point-of-purchase materials, agencies, consumer products and services companies, and retailers. This includes POPAI/A.R.E. Members and Non-members in India.

Some entries may be considered a collaboration between several producer companies. In that case, those entries may be entered as Co-Entries, limited however, to only two (2) producer companies. In this case, both should be listed on the entry form separately. Each company will receive an award if their entry wins.

To receive the discounted POPAI Member pricing, all membership dues for 2017 must be paid or the non-member rates will be invoiced. If you are interested in becoming a POPAI member, contact or call the office at 9819503270.

Any form of marketing at retail may be entered. Entries need to have been placed in an at-retail location.


Any form of marketing at retail may be entered. Entries need to have been placed in an at-retail location.


  • Bronze, Silver or Gold winners from any previous OMA contests
  • Samples, models, or test units
  • A display that is already entered by another company i.e. companies may not be entered by different companies at the same time

If, for any reason, such entries exist and make it to the OMA floor, these entries will be disqualified and no refunds will be given.


Your fees help cover the costs for the contest software, publicity, your awards statuettes (two per winning entry), and more.

Entry fees will not be refunded if your displays are disqualified at any stage of the set-up or judging process.

All fees must be paid by July 1, 2017.


Submit all materials with complete payment Entry Fee:

General Category INR Special Category INR
Regular Members 7000 Regular Members 15,000
Affiliate Members 9,000 Affiliate Members 18,000
Non Members 12,000 Non Members 22,000

Go Green (For members and non members both) Rs.5000

(Plus Service Tax)


Entry fees will not be refunded if your displays are disqualified at any stage of the competition set-up or judging process.



Placement of an entry in a Category is at the sole discretion of the Entrant. Very often, a choice can be made between a product-based or retail-based entry for any particular display.

Please note that the type of materials used in the production of a display entry is not a factor in determining the Division in which an entry belongs. However, POPAI does reserve the right to ask for verification sources prior to accepting an entry for submission in a particular Division.


It is not necessary to wait until all your submissions are ready though. You may enter complete entries or submit in batches to reach the separate deadlines. All entries must be completed by Thursday, June 30, 2017 and paid in full by July 1, 2017.


A complete entry includes the following:

  1. Full payment by cheque and wire transfer
  2. Completed Entry Form via online (includes basic company and client information, division, etc.)
  3. Answers to all of the case history questions
  4. Three required images (one will be used for all promotions if wins, the other must be in a store environment)
  5. Client Permission letter
  6. Case History

After your entries are completed and submitted, changes cannot be made unless POPAI, the OMA Committee and/or Judges deem acceptable.


The Categories are changed from 2016.

If you are unsure as to which Category applies to your particular entry, please contact the POPAI office for clarification.

Each category is divided into two sections

I. Modern Trade (MT)
II. Traditional or General Trade (GT)
Category No. 15 – “Display of the Year” invites a NO ENTRY to this category, as it is chosen from the OMA Gold Award Winners by the jury.

I General Category - (From 1 to 12)

  1. Food
    Spreads Accompaniments, Staple Food Ready to Cook, Ready to Eat Products Confectionary, Dairy Products Pet Food, etc.
  2. Confectionary & Ice Creams
  3. Beverages
    Hot & Cold beverages
  4. Health Care
    Pharmaceutical Products Health Drinks, Personal Hygiene Product, Soaps, Liquid soaps,
  5. Personal Care
    Hair care (e.g. oil, shampoo, conditioners, serum, etc.) Skin Care (cream, lotions, scrubs, etc.) Hair Remover products, Baby Care, Sanitary Napkins, tissues, etc. Oral Care Products, Personal Care Accessories (scrubber, nail cutter, etc.)
  6. Home Care
    Laundry, fabric care products like, detergent soaps, powder, utensil cleaner, cleaning agent, shoe polish, toilet cleaners, etc.
  7. Alcoholic Beverages, Tobacco & Allied products
  8. Lifestyle, Cosmetics, Fragrances & Instruments
    Time wear, Eyewear, Luggage, Apparels, swimwear & accessories, Footwear, Jewellery, fashion products & Accessories, Banking, Insurance, telecommunication, travel, leisure, courier, restaurants, etc.
  9. Household
    Consumer Durable, paints, home furnishing, furniture fixtures, Kitchens utensils
  10. Software & Services
    Computer Hardware, computer software, IT, Mobile instruments& accessories, etc. Banking, Insurance, telecommunication, travel, leisure, courier, restaurants, etc.
  11. Entertainment, Media & Toys
    Books & Publications, Stationary, Movies, Home Entertainment, Music, etc. Toys and Games
  12. Signages
    Illuminated & Non illuminated, Indoor & Outdoor
  13. II Special Categories (13 - 16)
  14. Innovation & Technology
  15. Innovation in manufacturing, material, process or application
    Uses of sensors, Touch screens, monitors Utilizing electronic device to enhance consumer interaction

  16. Best Retail Activation
  17. Units creating Shopper Engagement / Interaction
    Campaigns (like launch activity or festive activity) involving multiple elements.

  18. Display of the Year
  19. This will be chosen out of the Gold winners (not by entry)

  20. Go Green Awards
  21. Nature Friendly usage of resources or Idea


This is unchanged from 2016.

Please insure that you respond to all of the questions asked. If information is not known, available or is not applicable, please respond as such. You will not be penalized for your response.

All of the answers to the ten (10) questions will have a 75 word limitation

The entry software will “count” the words and will not accept any entry beyond the limit.

What was given to you (equals 25% of overall score)

  1. The objective - State the initiator’s purpose, goal and reason for the project
  2. The assignment - Clearly and concisely articulate the assigned task(s) put forth by the project’s initiator(s). List the specific (or non-specific) information provided and all of the pertinent particulars of the project’s requirements
  3. The target - Provide the targeted market (gender, age, income, etc.) for the execution along with any shopper insights and/or research that to pertain to the initiative

What was done? (Equals 50% of overall score)

  1. The strategic/problem solving used - Encapsulate how the information provided transformed itself into a workable idea and what (and how) this was achieved
  2. Creative - Explain how the resulting execution solved design issues by employing clever, unconventional, original or visionary means, which resulted in a more engaging design solution
  3. Engineering - Provide support of a smart execution that employs solid engineering principles and technologies.
  4. Manufacturing - Speak to the quality, efficiency and methodology in the construction and assembly process.

What happened? (Equals 25% of overall score)

  1. Compliance - Explain all of the conditions surrounding the transport, installation and assembly of the finished product to retail.
  2. Sales Results - Report documented or anecdotal results of the direct or indirect financial effectiveness of the initiative.
  3. Overall Success - Demonstrate the impact and effect realized by the Brand, Retailer and Consumer as a result of the process.


Specific information and details are also included on the entry form

You may submit up to three (3) different images that best illustrate your entry, but the submission of only two (2) images is required. The images should represent the scope of the entire entry and/or program.

File formal must be a digital image (.jpg, .png, or .gif only):

  • Image must be at least 300 dpi native (no up-sampling) at a 4.00” x 3.00” minimum size
  • File size maximum is 1MB per image
  • Please restrict (within reason) the proportions of your images to 1:1 (square), 4:3 (landscape) or 3:4 (portrait)

As images are used exclusively with Case History forms during the first phase of judging of POPAI’s OMA Contest, it is advantageous to use high-quality colour electronic images.

The use of photo-realistic renderings, while discouraged, is allowable, provided that they are produced with professional-quality 3-D rendering software. POPAI reserves the right to reject any image that does not meet acceptable standards.

The first image (the “1 Image”) should represent the entry only and should showcase the display in its best and most typical fashion. This will be the image used at the Awards Celebration, in the OMA Awards Annual, and all other promotional activities.

The second image (the “2 Image”) should represent the unit in the retail environment where it may generally be placed. This is a mandatory requirement.

As understanding the context of a particular display in its retail environment is highly beneficial to the judging process, a professionally produced “composite” image may be submitted in lieu of a fully realized “live” store shot with the unit.

Entries will be considered incomplete and may not be accepted if they do not contain at least both the “1” and “2” images.

As an option, one additional image (the “3 Image”) that depicts a display’s versatility, multiple uses in various environments, or that highlights special features may be submitted.


The judging structure is not changed from 2016.

Judging will be online on the basis of photos and case history information.

POPAI employs a scoring scale with a maximum of 100 possible points.

Gold Silver Bronze
Minimum score to qualify is 80 points Minimum score to qualify is 70 points Minimum score to qualify is 60 points

The awards structure is unchanged from 2016.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners are awarded in each category for each division MT / GT based on the following requirements:

  • They must meet the minimum average score requirement for Gold, Silver, Bronze

In some cases, there may not be a Gold, or even any awards in a category, if the scoring does not meet the minimum standards.



This award is the most prestigious award of the OMAs and the highest recognition in the in-store marketing industry. One DOY Award is awarded in each Division (Permanent and Temporary) and are chosen from the Gold Award winners.


All winners will be announced during the OMA Awards Celebration. A list of winners will be published on the following day.


  • Entrant and/or co-entrant company name mentioned in the write up, in the case history, or in submitted photos for judges to see during any part of the judging process
  • Sharing any Entrant information publically in any form before judging is complete
  • Engaging in any coercive behaviour related to the Judging process
  • Any entry not paid in full by July 1, 2017


Please contact us with any further thoughts surrounding any part of this entry process and thank you for support of the POPAI OMAs.