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ENTRY FORM FOR OMA Awards 2017 - 2018

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Entrant Information

Award Coordinator Details

(*Disclaimer: All the entries nominated here require prior written approval from the client. POPAI INDIA holds no responsibilities for any kind of discrepancies related to the award nomination.)

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Client Information

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Product Information

What was given to you (Marks out of 100)

  1. The objective - State the initiator’s purpose, goal and reason for the project
  2. The assignment - Clearly and concisely articulate the assigned task(s) put forth by the project’s initiator(s). List the specific (or non-specific) information provided and all of the pertinent particulars of the project’s requirements
  3. The target - Provide the targeted market (gender, age, income, etc.) for the execution along with any shopper insights and/or research that to pertain to the initiative

What was done?

  1. The strategic/problem solving used - Encapsulate how the information provided transformed itself into a workable idea and what (and how) this was achieved
  2. Creative - Explain how the resulting execution solved design issues by employing clever, unconventional, original or visionary means, which resulted in a more engaging design solution
  3. Engineering - Provide support of a smart execution that employs solid engineering principles and technologies.
  4. Manufacturing - Speak to the quality, efficiency and methodology in the construction and assembly process.

What happened?

  1. Compliance - Explain all of the conditions surrounding the transport, installation and assembly of the finished product to retail.
  2. Sales Results - Report documented or anecdotal results of the direct or indirect financial effectiveness of the initiative.
  3. Overall Success - Demonstrate the impact and effect realized by the Brand, Retailer and Consumer as a result of the process.

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